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This is a pretty unique piece don’t you think?  I don’t see a lot of garnet and agate being used together, and certainly not in the form of an eye catching bracelet like this one! (© Stefanie Freels).

I’ve had my share of experience with shopping, some good times, and some not so good times, but ever since I started buying things online I’ve definitely felt a lot of the stress that I usually had associated with shopping disappear. Now I’m probably one of the easiest people to shop for, I’m happy with anything I get, and I truly feel like it’s the thought that counts and how useful or expensive or extravagant a gift is really doesn’t matter. But in the case of some of my younger female family members and friends, shopping for them can be a little difficult, and if I’m being completely honest a little stressful. When I’m able to shop for a girl who has a taste for jewelry or arts and crafts or generally anything she can do with her hands, I often look for some unique beads that she might enjoy. That site I’ve hyperlinked is a great resource for anything involved with jewelry, and I have a lot of people I have to shop for, so finding a decent set of prices is always a relief for me and my constantly fluctuating checking account!


I don’t know of many women who don’t have an outfit that they want a nice set of pearls to wear with, and this opal necklace is a perfect example of something my little sister would wear. Thankfully, the additional garnet pieces on the necklace are the kind that lean more toward red and not so much toward the pink; she’s one of those hipster new age types of girls that rejects all things traditionally feminine, such as the color pink.  (© Nicki Dugan Pogue).

Now this piece of jewelry seems a bit extravagant with so many semi-precious gems included with it. But that aside, I do love the look of it all the same, something regal about it maybe, I’m not sure… Anyway, trying to find some cool beads and gems and jewelry that my (painfully!) long list of friends and family who would enjoy those types of things can often be a bit taxing, but as I said, I do have at least one website on my short list that can help me with my minor shopping crises as they arise.


This is a ring that has the band made of 18 karat gold with garnet gems set in it.  I believe it’s supposed to be an engagement ring, but personally I’ve always had the traditional perspective that an engagement ring should be a diamond ring. (© Ranshoket).

If I’m not mistaken, 14 karat gold has always been considered the best, simply because it doesn’t turn your skin pigment green if you wear a ring made of it for an extended period. Also, it’s on the harder spectrum without being a ‘brittle’ type of hard (dense and not easily bent or broken) so that generally makes them more attractive to potential buyers such as myself, because the last thing I need is a picky gift receiver complaining about how green their fingers are getting and getting a guilt trip from them and their family (or our mutual family as the case often is!)  And rather than put myself in the awkward and emotionally taxing position of guilt trips from a family matriarch or patriarch, I think I’ll err on the side of caution and make sure I do some quality shopping from respectable sources, rather than risk buying some costume jewelry from a vendor on a random street…

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