Different Materials Used To Make Beads

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Beading is an interesting craft and shopping for beads could be equally interesting if not more. Beads are versatile as you find them available in various types of materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Beads are used in the making of jewelry. The choice of material of bead depends on the type of jewelry you make. Here are some of the materials, which are used in the making of beads.

1) Glass Beads

Flower Glass Beads

Flower Glass Beads

Glass beads are fascinating with a wide range of colors. They look stunning on jewelry, as they are a great piece of art. They have been used since long across various countries even as early as the formation of civilized society. Glass beads were used as currency by ancient Romans, Native Americans, Vikings and the Egyptians. They are now used in various art forms and products such as jewelry, chandeliers and handbags.

2) Crystal Beads

Crystal beads are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. They offer you great scope for getting creative as the shapes available include square, opaque, bicone and so on. Genuine crystal bead contains more lead content and there are other crystal beads that contain lesser lead. Crystal beads are used in jewelry and they go well with other precious and semi precious stones.

3) Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay beads come in various colors. They are great for producing special effects, as the clay is pliable. They have multiple uses as you can use them in various forms to decorate your home. A combination of stones and pebbles along with polymer clay beads goes well on candle trays. They can be used in any form of decoration. In short, the usage of polymer clay beads is limitless.

4) Wooden Beads

Wooden beads hold the fascination of users with its scent of wood. The color and the texture of wooden beads depend on the type of wood. Wooden beads come in various types and some of the famous types of wood used in the making of wooden beads are ebony, oak, bamboo, bayong, rosewood, palm wood, teak, pine, redwood and whitewood. One of the main purposes for which wooden beads are used is for meditating. They are widely used in the making of jewelry and artwork.

5) Bone Beads

Bone beads are generally available in white and yellow colors. However, they can be painted upon to suit the needs and this adds attraction to bone beads. Bone beads are from the bones of sheep, camel and cow and they share resemblance with ivory beads. They are available in various shapes. Their use in jewelry and as showpieces is highly valued.

6) Kashmiri Beads

Brown Kashmiri Beads

Brown Kashmiri Beads

Kashmiri beads are handmade using resin and marble powder. Kashmiri beads look stunning, as they are hand decorated and a wide range of materials are used to add decorate the beads. Kashmiri beads are exotic and they are available in stunning colors as well. Their superior material quality makes the durable. They are used in making jewelry and decorative items.

7) Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads are very popular and gemstones have been used for centuries in beading. Gemstone beads are used in the making of jewelry and other artwork. Some of the gemstones that are widely used in beading include agate, aquamarine, amber, amethyst, cats eye, coral, emerald, moonstone, pearl, sapphire and tiger eye beads. Gemstone beads enhance the looks of the products in which they are used.

8) Metal Beads

Silver Plated Copper Beads

Silver Plated Copper Beads

Metal beads offer exhaustive range as various metals are used in the making of metal beads. They also come in various sizes and shapes. Metal beads are both hand made and machine made. Machine made metal beads look good but hand made metal beads are stunning because they are unique. Antique metals are beautiful when used as jewelry or as a showpiece. Gold, silver, copper and brass are some of the most popular types of metal beads.

9) Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are generally made of high quality plastic. They are versatile but less expensive. They come is a wide range of colors, sizes. They are used widely in jewelry making and in decorative items.

10) Seed Beads

Seed beads are made of high quality sand, which is melted and added to oxidants and colorants to produce the quality and color one prefers. Seed beads have been used for centuries. Being tiny and uniformly shaped, they look attractive. Yet it takes quite a sizeable effort to make jewelry and other artwork using seed beads owing to its size. The appearance of the end product is what inspires the craftsperson to use it. Seed beads are used in jewelry, on clothes, to decorate artwork and in short, you could use them to make anything look unique.

11) Shamballa Beads

Multi-color Shamballa Beads

Multi-color Shamballa Beads

Shamballa beads are becoming more popular owing to the air of mystique surrounding it. Shamballa beads are said to be from the legend kingdom Shamballa located in the Himalayan ranges. It is said to inaccessible to all except those with spiritual aspirations. The kingdom is supposed to be consisting of people who believed in peace and harmony and these beads are greatly used for meditation. Shamballa beads are clay based with Czech crystals decorating the surface to enhance the looks. Shamballa beads are used in making various types of jewelry. They come in various colors including black, white, green, red and yellow. Each color is associated to certain medical conditions and it is also said to enhance the quality of one’s thought and action.

12) Shell Beads

Shell beads are from marine shells. Mollusk shells are the most popular types of shells used in bead making. These lightweight shell beads are of various types, styles, sizes and colors. They are used in jewelry making, decorations and artworks.

There are many other types of beads but these are the most popular ones used in jewelry and artwork. Beading is an interesting and challenging art that summons your creativity and brings forth the artist in you.

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