A Couple Of Cool Canadian Museums

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When you think of Canada what do you think of?  Probably a big red maple leaf, maple syrup, ice hockey, and those very red uniformed Mounties, right?  Well you’d not be wrong to think of those things but they’re just a preconception thanks to the inaccuracy of our own global media machine.  It’s the same thing that makes us associate Americans with bombs and money, Colombia with drug cartels, Africa with diamond mining that destroys millions of lives, and India with curry.  In any case, let’s just chuckle at our own preconceptions and then take a look at the image above.  That architecture is something else, isn’t it?  It’s just of many museums you’ll find around Canada that offers some of the coolest exhibits you can find

The Canadian Museum Of Human Rights, pictured above, as of the writing of this blog post, is not yet open but will be in less than a month.  You can imagine how many museum fanatics are in frenzy for a new building dedicated to knowledge, culture, and in the case of this museum, also tolerance and understanding.  There is some controversial debate over the inclusion of exhibits that bring light to wartime atrocities, particularly about the inclusion of war crimes against humanity during World War Two, which were not the holocaust, being included but seemingly treated with the same solemnity, which then can be insulting to some members of the Jewish community in Canada.  That aside though, I’d say it seems like that will only be more of a draw for the museum.  After all, people tend to love a good controversy, don’t they?


Now above, we see the Museum of Civilization.  Personally I’d say the much more contemporary Museum of Human Rights has a more aesthetically pleasing appeal about its architecture but this museum certainly has a number of very interesting exhibits on display and some artifacts all its own.  There are in fact even some artifacts from Jim Henson’s Muppets though it is unclear if any of those artifacts have ever been on display.

The voodoo exhibit within the Museum of Civilization pictured below has a certain macabre appeal you have to have a certain unshakeable intellectual curiosity, or dark sense of humor, to really enjoy.  There are in fact some notices that warn people with heart problems not to see the exhibit, however personally after I’ve read only a small amount of literature on Voodoo, I’ve learned that it is a far less sinister belief system than film and television has painted it to be.  To put it simply, it typically marries theological concepts from Christianity and polytheistic deities; it’s not all about voodoo dolls and human sacrifices, and serial killers possessing children’s dolls!  So take a look at some of the intellectual rarities and oddities that Canada has to offer and you won’t be disappointed.


The above photos come to us courtesy of members of flickr.com

First image credit: Jeffrey Beall.

Second image credit: MPD01605.

Third image credit: Shankar S.

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